Yudaki waterfall
Lake Yunoko
Onsen shrine
Onsen-ji temple
Yumoto visitors' center
Short stroll in Yumoto
Lake Karikomi
Lake Kirikomi
Konsei mountain pass
Yumoto spa in 1879

The Yumoto Hot Spa is located in deep Senjogahara Plateau. Also, Lake Yunoko is the source of the river of Yukawa. Yumoto Hot Spa exists on the north shore of the Lake Yunoko. It is connected with Senjogahara Plateau by the national route 120, and it takes you 30 minutes from Chuzenji Hot Spa by bus passing through the Senjogahara Plateau. In addition, you can go to the Yumoto Hot Spa passing through Yudaki Waterfall and the west shore of the Lake Yunoko. You just need to go for the north on the hiking course of Senjogahara Plateau.

Street of Yumoto Hot Spa and the Lake Yunoko

Post card shows Yumoto in the prewar period.

Yunodaira Marshland
Source of the Yumoto hot spring

Sketching at the lakeside of Yunoko

History of Yumoto Hot Spa goes back to 1200 years ago. Priest Shoto found the hot spring in 788, and named it Yakushiyu (Hot spring of Yakushi). That was the beginning of Yumoto Hot Spa. Also, he named the mountain on the back as Yusengatake (Mountain of hot spring), and enshrined Yakushi Rurikou Nyorai on the top of the mountain. Moreover, Saint Kobo visited there in 820, and found Kanjizaiyu (Hot spring of Kanjizai), and enshrined Kanzeon Bosatsu.

As noted above, there have been 9 hot springs including Yakushiyu, Kanjizaiyu and Kawarayu. Those hot springs have been managed as public bath. Unfortunately, those public bathes are no longer existing, but hotels and inns pull the hot spring into their own buildings.

The nature of the hot spring is a hydrogen sulfide. The source of the spring is located in Yunodaira Marshland. You can see that the hot spring is coming out to the ground. That hot spring has an effect on neuralgia and muscular pain, cold nature and diabetes.

Many visitors enjoy not only bathing the hot spa, but also hiking to Lake Kirikomi and Lake Karikomi, fishing, camping and skiing. Although, Yumoto is an old hot spa, it has been becoming a new leisure area where anyone can have a fan.

Yumoto Hot Spa is an entrance of Mt. Maeshirane, Mt. Goshiki, Mt. Konsei and Mt. Yusengatake. Also, the national route 120 runs from the Senjogahara Plateau to Gunma prefecture passing through tunnel of Konsei.

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