Torii gate and forecast stone
A stone wall
Five storied pagoda
Last instruction of Ieyasu
Omotemon gate and Nioh statue
Three sacred warehouses
Rest room for the God
Shinkyu sacred stable
Story of three monkeys
Kouya-maki black pine
Omizuya water house
Torii bronze gate
Youmeimon gate
Over 500 sculptures
Frame of Ieyasu's designation
Inverted pillar
Human sculpture
Children and Ieyasu
Shed for sacred sedan chair
Kaguraden stage
Restoration of cultural property
Kitouden prayer hall
Karamon gate
Sleeping cat
Sakashita-mon gate
Kairou corridor
Honsha central shrine
General's room
Stone room
Haiden Oratory
Honden main hall
Spiritual animal
Okusha inner shrine
Okusha Haiden Oratory
Inukimon gate
Okusha treasure tower
Showrow bell tower, Korou drum tower
Crying dragon
Korean bell
Carvings on the wainscot
Jumping lion
Rinzo revolving shelf
Former Karamon gate,
Torii stone gate
Person's face on the trunk
Toshogu Treasure House
Guest hall
Toshogu Museum of Art
Traditional event
Samurai-style 1,000-person procession
(Charm in brocade bag)

Art Museum of Nikko Toshogu Shrine

The facade of the Art Museum of Nikko Toshogu Shrine

Building of the Art Museum of Nikko Toshogu Shrine was the former office called Chouyoukaku. The Chouyoukaku stored sliding door painting, wall painting, frame and hanging scroll. Those treasures have received a good reputation. The Chyouyoukaku was built in 1928, and was told that the best wooden building in Japan even though no paintings on the door. Therefore, a painter, Taikan Yokoyama completed painting on the sliding door. It was titled Chouyounozu (Picture of Morning Sun), and was considered as the masterpiece. After that, Nanpu Katayama, Hirokata Arai and Gakuryou Nakamura took Taikan's will, and painted 151 pieces of Japanese paintings. They spend 2 months together with.

Hirokata Arai "Roumatsu (Old Cedar)"
(At Big entrance, Sugito door)

Collaborative work of Gakuryo, Hirokata, Napu
"Japanese cypress&Cedar&Cherry"
(In Tsuginoma Room)

Nanpu katayama "Flower Basket"
(In Big hall, Sugito door)

Taikan Yokoyama "Picture of Morning Sun"
(Joudanma Room, Sliding door)

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