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*Cedar Avenue of Nikko

Cedar Avenue of Nikko
It is proud of history of 300 years.

There are three avenues, which reach to Nikko. For example, these are Onari Avenue, Aizu-nishi Avenue and Reiheishi Avenue. These three avenues confluence in Imaichi City, and is recognized as Nikko Avenue today. Cedars grow in those three avenues, and total length of these is 37km. It is recorded on the Guinness Book of Records as the longest road of trees in the world.

Masatsuna Matsudaira took 20 years to plant. He served for the first three successive shoguns of Tokugawa such as Ieyasu, Hidetada and Iemitsu. Masatsuna contributed it in the 32nd anniversary of Ieyasu's death. 13000-cedar trees remain, and some trees have unique stories.

Trace of a cannonball is seen.
This tree is located in Segawa, Imaichi City.

*Cedar, which has a trace of a cannonball
That trace was made in Boshin War. This tree is located in Segawa, Imaichi City.

*Tarou Cedar of Nikko
It is told that tree is the biggest and most beautiful among the Cedar Avenue. It is 38m high, is 2.5m in a diameter. This cedar is located in Shichiri, Nikko City.

*Cherry Cedar
The seed of a cherry tree budded and united into the cedar. It blooms cherry flower in the spring. This tree is located in Moritomo, Imaichi City.

Cedar Avenue is over 300 years old, but dead trees are not a few. These were damaged by exhaust gas, vehicles vibration and wind. Therefore, ownership system of Cedar Avenue has been started in order to protect cedars from damages.

You will be able to appreciate the Cedar Avenue slowly if you walk on the non-paved road from Imaichi City to Noguchi of Nikko City.

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