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Feature of each area in Nikko
Central Nikko
Lake Chuzenji, Mt. Nantai
Senjogahara plateau
Yumoto spa
Kirifuri highland
Wild animals
Priest Shoto
Coexistence of Shintoism and Buddhism
Bishop Tenkai
Ieyasu and Toshogu shrine
Taiyuin mausoleum

*Priest Shoto, who developed Nikko

Nikko was uncivilized until Priest Shoto's arrival. He cultivated Nikko and changed there to a famous holy place.

Priest Shoto was born in 735 in Shimotsuke former Tochigi prefecture. He was led by divine message, and went to Mt. Nantai in Nikko. He overcame a lot of hardships in order to achieve the top of the mountain. Finally, he succeeded to climb the mountain in 782.

Many legends regarding Nikko are derived from Shoto's achievements. He is an important person in the history of Nikko.

11-headed Senju-kannon
It is told that Priest Shoto carved it.
*Harmonization of Shinto Shrine and Buddhist Temple

Shinto shrine and Buddhist temples had been harmonized well since Priest Shoto civilized Nikko. Also, mountainous area was worshipped by people since early times.

Therefore, Mt. Nantai is the center of belief and it equals to Oomunachino-mikoto god and Senju-kannon (1000-armed Kannon). In this sense, Mt. Nyohou also is the center of belief and it equals to Tagorihimeno-mikoto goddess and Amida Nyorai. Moreover, Mt. Tarou, Ajisukitakahikoneno-mikoto god and Bato-kannon god gather people's belief.

It looks confused for modern people, but religious philosophy of mountainous worship, Shinto and Buddhism were harmonized in the past. This condition continued until 1868, but Meiji government launched a law to separate Shinto and Buddhism. Many temples were merged temporary from 1871.

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