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*Nikko Kirifuri Ice Skating Center
*Nikko Kirifuri Ice Arena

Nikko Kirifuri Ice Skating Center

Nikko Kirifuri Ice Arena

Nikko Kirifuri Ice Skating Center is a municipal facility of Nikko. 400-meter truck and it is 16 meters wide, which is an official size for international game. Seating capacity is 1000. Also, there is a light up for the night game. It is open to general public from mid-November to mid-March. Skating class is available for the beginners.

This facility is used for concert and flea market in the summer.

On the contrary, Nikko Kirifuri Ice Arena is managed by Tochigi Prefecture. There is a 30 X 60 indoor field for ice hockey. It also can be used for short truck and figure skating. Seating capacity is 2000.

Nikko Kirifuri Ice Arena is open throughout the year except maintenance season in the spring. This is rare facility in Japan.

In addition, there are restaurant, rest room, and some other amusement facilities, where family member can enjoy together.

Both Nikko Kirifuri Ice Skating Center and Nikko Kirifuri Ice Arena are used for Inter High school game, National Athletic Meet and JIHL. The JIHL stands for Japan Ice Hockey League.

Nikko Tourist Association
Postal: 321-1404, 591 Goko-machi Nikko, Tochigi
TEL: +81-288-54-2496 FAX: +81-288-54-2495

Nikko Tourist Association, Ashio branch office
Postal: 321-1523, 6-3 Matsubara Ashio-machi Nikko, Tochigi
TEL: +81-288-93-3417 FAX: +81-288-93-3467