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NIKKO VISITOR'S GUIDE Nikko Tourism Association Inbound Committee

All about Nikko are packed inside. Nikko Perfect Guide
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Notice: This web site is an English edition of Nikko Perfect Guide.
Hard copy of English contents has not been published yet,
but will be issued by a large number of requests.
Please contact Nikko Tourist Association for more information. Thank you.


Nikko Tourist Association
Postal: 321-1404, 591 Goko-machi Nikko, Tochigi
TEL: +81-288-54-2496 FAX: +81-288-54-2495

Nikko Tourist Association, Ashio branch office
Postal: 321-1523, 6-3 Matsubara Ashio-machi Nikko, Tochigi
TEL: +81-288-93-3417 FAX: +81-288-93-3467