Main shrine
Roumon gate
Shinmon gate
Shamusho office
Offered sake barrels
Temizusha water house
Kaguraden stage
Sacred trees
Haiden Oratory
Watariden middle room
Honden main hall
Portable shrine shed
Kouyamaki black pine
Ghost lantern
Spiritual spring
Subordinate shrines
Other subordinate shrines
Hongu shrine
Takinoh shrine
Yaotome maiden dance
Traditional event
Yayoi festival
Daikoku festival
Sake barrel shed
The eve of the beginning of spring
Charm in a brocade bag

*Yayoi Festival

Portable shrines are going to Futarasan Shrine.

People say, "Spring of Nikko begins with Yayoi festival." The Yayoi festival begins from April 13th to 17th in Futarasan Shrine.

This is a traditional event, which started in 767-770. The Yayoi festival was carried out in March at that time because Yayoi means March in the ancient calendar. The calendar became modern in 1873 and dates of the festival changed to today's schedule.

Three portable shrines will be moved from Takinoo Hongu shrine to Honsha shrine on the first day of the festival, April 13th. Also, Yaotome maiden dance will be performed on the same day. Portable shrines in Takinoo Shrine will be moved to Takinoo through Toshogu Shrine on the April 14th. Those portable shrines will be enshrined in Haiden oratory. Also, divine ceremony will be carried out on the April 15th.

The portable shrines will be moved back to Honsha Shrine from Takinoo Shrine on April 16th. Those portable shrines will be enshrined in Takamagahara of Honsha. Other portable shrines will be moved to the same Takamagahara. Each shrine goes back to the Haiden oratory again after the divine ceremony. Alcohol and sweets will be prepared in that ceremony.

April 17th will be the peak day of Yayoi festival. Thirteen decorated portable shrines will gather from east and west. They play music. Sacred sedan chairs of three main shrines will be in the line, and moved to Hongu shrine. Then they go back to Honsha shrine after the ceremony. Although, ceremony of shrine is carried out with dignity, this festival will be busy because it will be for parishioners.

The parishioners carry everything in traditional order. There will be a conflict between towns if something was in wrong order. Therefore, people pay attention to the festival. Portable shrines from each town visit Haiden oratory in the afternoon, and go back to home in order.

Yaotome Maiden Dance in Hongu Shrine

*"Dream Nikko" -Song to call Spring-
Lyrics: Takerou Yokoshima Composition: Koujudayu Tokiwazu

Portable shrines pass for Yayoi festival
Street is full with people like a wave
Fire is set on lamps
Whistle and a drum until late at night

Thinking of cedar street earnestly
Shinkyo Sacred Bridge on the flowing river of Daiya
Color of vermilion
That is girl's love

Years of missing, at Higurashi Gate where people spend a day to look
Go to Takinoo Kirifuri today
Wish, I apply
Chloranthus serratus (a pair of flower) blooms

Although, sky on the Kanmangafuchi abyss is cloudy
How should I cry, Evening primrose
Stay calm
Just waiting for the night I can sleep

Nantai the mountain, top of Mt. Nyohou
Splash of Kegon waterfall in the evening
Drenched, but happy
Sleeping cat, I sleep with

Lake of happiness, sailboat is floated
Mirror of water at the beach of song
Two of us smile
Cuckoo and Japanese nightingale in the deep mountains

Hot spa Yumoto, wind blows
Steam, dimly and warmly
Wave of Lake Yunoko
As if in a dream, iris blooms


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