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*Tokyo Angling and Country Club

Oku-Nikko used to be called "Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the summer" in Taisho era and early Showa era.

Foreigners were allowed to travel around in Japan in Meiji era, and western diplomats were interested in Oku-Nikko to spend summer. Foreign embassies were built, and Japanese aristocrats also came to visit. Yachting race was taken place and air planes had flied there. That western atmosphere was not imaginable for ordinary Japanese at that time.

Fishing tackle

Trace of cottage western 6 at lakeside.
Only chamber remains there.

Fishing was the most popular. For example, British trout fishing, it means fly-fishing was introduced in Oku-Nikko at the first time. Afterward, Tokyo Angling and Country Club was established. The purpose of this club was to enjoy trout fishing and playing golf by borrowing the large area of Senjugahama.

Member consisted of political leaders, foreign diplomats and aristocrats. Cottage Western 6 was their clubhouse and many celebrities visited there. It was not a simple fishing club, but it also functioned as a social intercourse. A rule of membership was as follows:
"This club promotes outdoor activities such as trout fishing and playing golf. Especially, trout fishing will be treated as a gentleman's sport." You can imagine a bright atmosphere of those days.

However, planning of ideal resort and luxury atmosphere was ended by the World War II. The cottage western 6 was burned down in 1940. Only chambers remain lakeside. It looks lonely today, but it was romantic.

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