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*Kegon Waterfall

There are 48 waterfalls in Nikko, but Kegon waterfall is the most famous among these. The water falls from 97 meters high and you will enjoy natural beauty around the fall. Nachi waterfall in Wakayama prefecture, Fukuroda waterfall in Ibaragi prefecture and Kegon waterfall in Nikko are known as the finest three waterfalls of Japan. The name of the Kegon was derived from a part of Buddhist sutra. By the way, names of Nehan waterfall and Hannya waterfall also were derived from the Buddhist sutra.

People could not get close to the fall until 1900 when Gorobei Hoshino built a teahouse near the basin of the fall. It took him 7 years to build. Also, Kegon waterfall became a noted place of suicide when 18 years old high school student, Misao Fujimura jumped into the fall in May 1903.

Elevator started its operation in 1930.
Martins fly around the fall in June. The fall will be decorated with frozen small fall, which is called blue ice.

Besides the story of Mr. Fujimura, there are many questions about his last written message. It will be indicated in the following.

Calmness of sky, loneliness of modern and ancient, 5 feet small body attempts to figure this serious issue out. Philosophy of Horatio is nothing to deal with any authorities. Truth of universe is outspoken in only this way, "Incomprehensible." I decided to commit a suicide with bitter feeling. I have no anxiety even I've already stood on the rocky cliff. The great disappointment known for the first time, it will be unified with great optimism finally.

Kegon waterfall is surrounded by the newly grown green leaves

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