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Transportation -Taxi-

JR/Tobu Nikko Station - Nishisandou (Sannai Area)
1,060 Yen
JR/Tobu Nikko Station - Chuzenji Onsen
5,780 Yen
JR/Tobu Nikko Station - Ryuzunotaki (Waterfall of Ryuzu in Shobugahama)
7,060 Yen
JR/Tobu Nikko Station - Koutoku&Yumoto Onsen
9,380 Yen
JR/Tobu Nikko Station - Kirifurinotaki (Waterfal of Kirifuri, Tsutsujigaoka azalea hill)
1,460 Yen
JR/Tobu Nikko Station - Kisugedaira lily plateau (Kirifuri skiing area)
3,600 Yen
JR/Tobu Nikko Station - Nikko Kirifuri Ice Skating Center
980 Yen

Hired car
For 5 hours Toshogu Shrine, Rinnoji Temple, Futarasan Shrine, Chuzenji-onsen
26,500 Yen
For 6 hours Toshogu Shrine, Rinnoji Temple, Futarasan Shrine, Chuzenji-onsen,
Oku-Nikko Yumoto Onsen
31,800 Yen

Nikko Kotsu
Toll free in Japan (0120-81-2552)
Chuou Kotsu
Yamato Kotsu
Toll free in Japan (0120-30-1717)
Sanei Jidousha
Toll free in Japan (0120-88-1781)
Note: Entrance fee and charge of toll road are not included.
Note: There also is larger taxi.

Nikko Tourist Association
Postal: 321-1404, 591 Goko-machi Nikko, Tochigi
TEL: +81-288-54-2496 FAX: +81-288-54-2495

Nikko Tourist Association, Ashio branch office
Postal: 321-1523, 6-3 Matsubara Ashio-machi Nikko, Tochigi
TEL: +81-288-93-3417 FAX: +81-288-93-3467